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Get trained and matched with venture-backed startups & world-class mentors that align with your skills and interests. Build meaningful projects that boost your resume.

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Learn from world-class mentors and founders from


How Folio Works

Tell us about your career goals

Apply and share your interests, skills, and career goals.

Match with venture backed startups

Interview and match with startups that align with your skills and interests.

Build with world-class mentors

Get technical support & career mentorship from working professionals.

Learn from experts

Attend online seminars led by industry leaders. Understand their career journey and keys to success.

Demo Day

Present your project, receive letters of recommendation and lifelong career support.

Explore 2 cohorts: High School & College/Post Grad

High School

Build skills, explore careers and prepare for college.


Guaranteed paid internship placement plus...

Introductory skills training

College preparation mentorship

Career exploration webinars

Assigned project mentor

Letter of recommendation upon program completion

Practice skills, build a portfolio and resume and explore careers.


Guaranteed paid internship placement plus...

Intermediate skills training

Portfolio & resume building

Career exploration webinars

Assigned project mentor

Letter of recommendation upon program completion

Choose a track and get matched to a company, project & mentor that aligns with your interests

Program Tracks


UI/UX, Web Design, Graphics, Brand

Tech & Data

Web & Mobile Development, Data Engineering, Front & Backend, Low Code


User Research, Market Research, Survey Design, Writing


Social media, SEO, A/B Testing, Content Creation

Previous Fellows' Projects

Fellows have designed and built websites, mobile apps, trained algorithms, launched marketing campaigns, published research reports and more for companies in clean energy, fintech, creator economy, gaming, sports and beyond. Checkout our Fellows Alumni page for more!

Program Mentors & Teachers

Fellowship Application Process


Complete the online form to help us understand your career aspirations.


Video chat with an admission counselor to understand your interests and skills.


Personalized resume, portfolio and interview training to prepare for the internship matching process.

Fellows go on to earn $10k+ per year and get dream jobs

Upcoming Programs

The Venture Fellowship program costs $2000. Fellows are guaranteed a paid internship and folio-provided mentor. Our admissions process is need-blind, meaning if you indicate that you need financial support, this will not impact your chances of acceptance in any way.

Fellows may also qualify for credit towards their degree.
Nov 14 - Jan 14
Rolling Admission
Rolling Admission

What makes for a great candidate?

Great applicants do not need to have experience, but need to have shown self-initiative, resilience, problem solving capacity, and genuine interest in exploring careers. We're seeking people who can show their propensity for learning and providing value to our community of startups.
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Hear from our community

Student at New York University
"Folio offered me a unique and flexible opportunity to develop my technical skills, build my portfolio, and gain real-life work experience, all while receiving competitive compensation for my work."
Recent graduate, Marketing @ Sweatpals
"I am thrilled to see the pathway Folio is paving!"
Student at The University of Rochester
"the platform is exciting and has great opportunities for me.
University of Oxford
"A no brainer for students."
Student at New York University
"The match system is great. It saved me a lot of time and makes sure I don't miss a great opportunity."
Student at University of Michigan
“Quick setup and worth it. Saves me time and helps me earn more.”
Student at Stanford University
"Actually makes my school/work/life balance. Finding better gigs that pay well has been so valuable"

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

Fellowship programming and internships last 10 weeks.

How long is the internship?

Internships last 10 week from your official 'match' date with your host company.  

What will we learn program sessions?

Lessons are tailored to your cohort's skills and interests Ie. for software engineering-heavy cohorts, we have speakers who've built impressive careers as CTOs, Founders, Engineering and Data Architects. We always present a session on How to Build a Meaningful Career which covers how to find your Ikigai, pitch yourself, understand what companies need and expect from you, and more.

What will we learn from mentors?

Mentors will provide technical support on your internship project. They are working professionals who have many years of experience in your field of work.

How with the program support my career?

The Fellowship Program will empower you to build real world experience in a job that aligns with your skills and interests. If you're an engineer or designer who loves music, we'll match you with a music tech company so you can understand what it's like to bridge your passion and profession. As an intern, you'll prove your skills by working on meaningful projects and gain a network of peers and professionals who are excited to support your life-long career journey.

How much does the program cost?

The program costs $2000. We offer financial aid, and many university career & financial aid centers offer aid which can cover the entire program fee. We are also happy to work with your college major department to earn class credit for your internship project.

How much will I earn as a Fellowship intern?

For the 10 week program, interns earn at least $750. Some interns earn more depending on their skill level but any additional compensation depends on host companies' budgets.

Why do you charge for the program?

It is expensive to recruit and vet host companies and interns, design meaningful projects, provide professional mentors, world-class speakers, and build the platform and community. We are building partnerships with universities and foundations to subsidize fees and hope to offer folio programs and internship for free to everyone!

How do I qualify for financial aid?

If you qualify for FAFSA or your country's version of federal financial aid, you will qualify for folio's financial aid package. We ask that you provide proof in your application.

Can my internship qualify for college credit?

Yes! College students can work with their university department to earn college credit for their internship. Currently, we do not have the resources to facilitate this for you, but we highly recommend you reach out to our department advisor to ask for credit.

Am I guaranteed an internship?

Yes! All Fellows will be matched with at least 1 company for an internship. Internships last 10 weeks regardless of if you start on the same day as the program.

How will I be matched with a company?

The matching process begins ~2 weeks before the first day of the program. We ask that interns create a folio account, build their folio profile, explore and apply to jobs in the Opportunities tab. From there, host companies will facilitate interviews and send offers to interns.

Can I intern for multiple companies?

Yes! You can intern for as many companies as you'd like, but we recommend being thoughtful about your priorities, school work, and ability to deliver excellent work for each company.

How many hours can I work?

We recommend 10-20hrs/wk as an active student. If you are not currently enrolled, enrolled part time, or an international student with VISA limitations, we will provide guidance between you and your host company.

Can I participate as an international student?

Yes! We have many international student fellows. We are happy to sign a CPT offer letter.

How much does this cost our company?

Active Fellows do not cost companies anything for the duration of their fellowship. Folio provides a work stipend that is processed at the end of the fellowship period. If you are satisfied with the intern's work, you can provide additional compensation, a tip, or an extended offer where your company will compensate your intern using the folio platform.

How long are interns subsidized?

10 weeks or $1000.

How many interns can I request?

You can request as many as you'd like! We cannot guarantee you will be matched with a fully subsidized intern for all of your job listings. Any open, unmatched listings are shared with our extended community to apply for.

Do I have to interview interns?

No. You can choose to trust our vetted process and be assigned an intern

What happens after the program?

The program culminates with Demo Day, where interns present their work they've completed and next steps for their project and career journey. Internships may extend beyond the program period if interns started after the program start date or if they have been extended a paid offer.

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