"Lyaina is now our Head of Design"
"Kayln’s pitch deck helped us raise our Seed round"
"Truly no babysitting"

Hire the top 5% of
undiscovered talent

Post projects and get matched with vetted talent that's trained to accelerate your company's growth. No babysitting needed.

Verified portfolios of demonstrated skills and client reviews.

Vetted talent with experience from

No babysitting needed

Interns are vetted and trained to deliver value immediately.
Hire vetted talent from top schools who are trained to accelerate your growth.
No internship programming needed: folio provides training and mentorship.
Hire and see ROI in days, not weeks
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April 2022
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April 2022

Now you can do it all

Hire, work & pay all in one place. Post a project and get to work. We’ll handle the rest.
Post a project
Receive 1:1 Intros to Vetted Talent
Work, track hours and progress
Make payments and review
1099s, NDA and Work Ownership included on folio


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost our company?

There is no fee to use the folio platform. We only ask that you cover basic transaction fees for payments made through the platform.

Trained Interns who have completed our program are available to hire on an hourly or per-project basis. As a company, you determine your rate and budget when you post a project.

Interns in training are available at no cost to the company for the first 10 weeks. Folio provides a work stipend for the student that is processed at the end of the fellowship period. If you are satisfied with the intern's work, you can provide additional compensation, a tip, or an extended offer where your company will compensate your intern using the folio platform. 

How long are interns subsidized?

Interns in training are subsidized for the first 10 weeks or $750.
Trained Interns are not subsidized and can be hired on an hourly or per-project basis.

How many subsidized interns can I hire?

As many as you'd like! To hire a subsidized Intern in Training, please post a project and set your compensation to $0.

Do I have to interview interns?

No. You can choose to trust our vetted process and be assigned an intern

What happens after the program?

The program culminates with Demo Day, where interns present their work they've completed and next steps for their project and career journey. Internships may extend beyond the program period if interns started after the program start date or if they have been extended a paid offer.

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