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Average cost of a 4-year undergraduate degree


Unemployment among college graduates 6 months post-grad


US student loan debt as of December 2021


Cathy Huang

Serial entrepreneur and daughter of Vietnamese refugees. As a student, she navigated her way to Google[x] and wants to give every young adult the same opportunity.

Sukhita Karthi

Engineer turned Human-centered product designer focused on building impactful products. Navigated from Chennai to Stanford d.School

Rayna Shah
Growth & Design Intern

Business & marketing student based in NYC. Supports female seed-stage startups with growth, user design/experience, and business development.

Kayln Kwan
Growth & Design Intern

Business & computer science student based in NYC. Published the most read behavioral science research of 2022 and has helped many YC & a16z startups build their MVPs.

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