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Summer 2023

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Lydia Kim

Santa Clara University

I am an incoming Senior at Santa Clara University studying Web Design, Computer Science and Engineering and Studio Art. I'm passionate about all forms of design from sculpture to graphic design. I am currently looking to pursue a career that joins arts and technology!

Atticus Lim

University of Pennsylvania

Atticus is a designer, entrepreneur & illustrator from UPenn. He's also a Brand Ambassador for Emilia Clarke's nonprofit SameYou, a Videographer, Writer and Brand Creator, Yale Global Scholar.

Jason Saito

University of Pennsylvania

I'm a current Sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania and am studying Cognitive Science. My dream job is to be a Product Manager, where I hope to apply my passions for innovation, management, and marketing.

Apeksha Jain

California College of the Arts

Apeksha is a Product Designer with multidisciplinary experience based in San Francisco. Recent graduate from California College of the Arts with MDes IxD (HCI). Apeksha strives to design solutions that elevate holistic experiences and positive impact.

Tanay Ashutosh Singh

San Ramon Valley High School

I am a 14-year old boy living in California, and have been coding for around 3 years. I love learning about game design and programming, and am very interested in AI. I have studied Java, as well as parts of SQL, and HTML, and plan to create fun and engaging video games one day.

Ayo Obayomi

Purdue University

UX has become an integral part of my life, shaping how I evaluate and discuss the user experience of various items and products with my friends. We engage in critiquing and discerning between good and bad UX, enriching our understanding and appreciation of user-centered design principles.

Kavya Gupta

Cupertino High School

I have a deep interest in developing web applications and AI & machine learning. With a strong foundation in data science and programming languages such as Python and Java, I strive to make a lasting impact in the tech industry. In my free time, I enjoy participating in hackathons and reading books.

Garv Sehgal

Nassau Community College

Hi, I'm Garv! I am a rising sophomore with a passion for fullstack development. My experience spans across various technologies such as Javascript, Nodejs, Express.js, React, HTML, CSS, Websockets, PostgreSQL, Prisma, and I'm currently expanding my skills into mobile development with React Native. When I'm not delving into code, I'm either reading a book or experimenting with (eating) new food. My ultimate ambition is to grow and learn in a startup environment, where I can craft truly amazing creations.

Yuqiao Rebecca Xu

University of Michigan

I am a Product Designer and recent graduate, holding a master's degree in HCI from the University of Michigan. My expertise lies in utilizing UX Design and Research to tackle complex business challenges. I have valuable experience in collaborating on projects involving consumer-facing and B2B Saas products. Currently, I am seeking new opportunities to delve into the realms of EdTech and productivity-related fields.

Joseph Jeon

Dartmouth University

I am a rising senior at Dartmouth College studying Mechanical Engineering and Studio Art. I am experienced in CAD modeling, data visualization and open to learning new skills.

Hengjia Amy Zhang

Cornell University

Hi I am Amy Zhang and I am a rising junior studying Fine Arts at Cornell University. I have had experiences in the field of art and design for 10+ years and I'm pursuing a career in UX/UI design.

Jackson Topoleski

Ohio State University

Hi! My name is Jackson and I am interested in the intersection of education and technology for future generations. I love being outside, meeting new people, and am actively working on mastering self-improvement!

Yuwen Kevin Liang

Hamilton College

I'm Yuwen (Kevin) Liang. An incoming sophomore mathematics and economics student at Hamilton College. I am interested in fields such as software engineering, machine learning, data analysis, and quantitative finance with proficiencies in python, java, and R. I am currently learning JavaScript and React.js.

Elijah Pompey

University of Pennsylvania

I'm a designer & social media marketer from Philadelphia whose interests stem from my love of visual arts and every medium that comes with it. As a student at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Design, my goal is to understand how design and technology can merge and influence how we consume media.

Hamd Akmal

New York University

I am a sophomore at NYU with a strong passion for FinTech, digital marketing, and content creation. My diverse interests also extend to development economics, particularly in the context of creating sustainable solutions within the travel and tourism industry. With a focus on further enhancing my data science and consulting skills, my professional goals include leveraging my interdisciplinary knowledge to drive innovation and contribute to impactful projects in the field.

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